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Playing cards: Bicycle & Tally-Ho & Bee
Cardistry & Magic
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Bicycle playing cards are produced in USA and have a history of over 130 years. They are used by poker players, for any game with playing cards and magicians.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks:

TEGU magnetic wooden toys are produced in Honduras under the highest quality standards imposed by the company founded in the USA. They are ecological, Montessori type toys, safe for children and educational.

Discover Bicycle Playing Cards

They are loved by poker players, amateurs, magicians and conjurers for their exceptional quality, durability and design. Always made in the USA.

Discover Tegu Magnetic Wooden Toys

Design USA. Educational Toys. 1 Year+ to 8 years+

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Incredible collection of Tarot Cards

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The products distributed by us are guaranteed of premium quality. Playing cards are produced in the USA and are known worldwide for their durability and quality. Tegu magnetic wooden toys are produced in Honduras, the materials used are ecological, they have all the international certifications.

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Our offer includes products that are selling good and the prices are correct.

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We are up to date with the new appearances in the field of playing cards and we bring the latest models of Bicycle playing cards suitable for the Romanian market. We have the full range of Tegu toys, including complex sets for kindergartens and schools. We can also bring models that are not on offer at the moment.

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